Hannibal (PARTS 6 – 10) ⚔️ Rome’s Greatest Enemy ⚔️ Second Punic War


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📝 I’m working on the Battle of Cannae and I decided to compile the first 10 episodes, because when combined they have some 2 hours of video. So grouping them into two 1-hour videos (Parts 1 – 5) and (Parts 6 – 10) would make it a lot easier for you guys to watch, rather than go through every episode individually.

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📢 Narrated by David McCallion

🚩 Graphics:
Many thanks to Fabio Naskino Fiorenza for allowing us to use his fantastic Hannibal portrait. Check out more of his work here: http://www.puttyandpaint.com/FabioNaskinoFiorenza

🎼 Music:
Peaks of Atlas – Omri Lahav

📝 Sources:
“The Punic Wars, 264 – 146 BC” – Nigel Bagnall
“Histories” – Polybius
“Carthage must be destroyed” – Richard Miles
“Fall of Carthage” – Adrian Goldsworthy
“Hannibal’s Oath” – John Prevas

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  1. an excellent effort, however, second part 6-10 puts unnecessary emphasis on Hannibal's delay and strategic mistake making it quite boring and irritating experience. Delay in commentary and wastage of time is probably due to graphics. The best option for me was 'Fast forwarding' & increasing 'Playback speed' to 1.25. Yet, quite an important historical work. Weldone.

  2. 28:00 ish

    Another reason why Hannibal may not have seiged Rome is because his own food stock was limited, and he relied on foraging, so a several months siege would have essentially been a double edged sword, when his own army was forced to be stationary.
    As you mentioned earlier, Hannibal depended on maneuverability and didn't want to be sandwiched at the gates of Rome, considering he may have been acting on imperfect information regarding the location and size of armies in the area.

  3. I don't know if Psy-Op tactics was already used in these times, but Hannibal missed a "false siege" tactic against Rome capital, which maybe pulled Roman divisions from Sicily, Sardinia and Iberia, if well executed.

  4. Is it possible that hanibal didnt attack rome cause the gauls in his army didnt want or refused to make eternal enemies with rome cause the carthiginians will leave one day and they will have to face rome alone

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