Game of Thrones: Greyjoy’s Rebellion & Siege of Pyke 289 AC


A special Game of Thrones episode, covering events of Greyjoy’s Rebellion.

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Music used:

Dragonsreach – Jeremy Soule
Restless Natives – Kevin MacLeod
Lamentation – Richard Beddow
Grave Blow – Kevin MacLeod
Journey to Rome – Jeff van Dyck
Assault By Sea – Richard Beddow
All This Scoring Action – Kevin MacLeod
Impact Andante – Kevin MacLeod

Many thanks to my generous Patreon supporters: Admiralwaffles, Ed Nark, Giancarlo Andujo, Aust, Victor Degliame, The Gorilla Shaman Show, Justin Smith, TraJon, Anders “Gaztro” Nyhammer, Mayonnaise, Patrick Riordan, Admiral Hill, Vernon Swain-Nisbet, ShamPowWOw, Benny McAllister, Richard Klammer and Douglas Shull!

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  1. Man I really want to see this for real! It's like a who's who of all star characters from Game of Thrones in their prime attacking the Iron Born. Bariston Selmy, Stannis, Thoros of Myr with his flamming sword, Jorah Mormont. Plus Robert in his prime. No wonder they kicked the Iron Born's asses. But on the show, Euron said something about being impressed of how Jaime Lannister was cutting guys left and right. So were the Lannisters there at the Iron Islands too?

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