First-ever live 3D video stream from space


An ESA-developed camera transmitted live-streaming 3D images for the first time in the history of space travel. On 6 August, NASA astronaut Ron Garan operated the Erasmus Recording Binocular (ERB-2) camera in Europe’s Columbus laboratory, showing the International Space Station as never before in high-definition quality . While talking about the work on board the Station, he enhances the sense of depth and presence by playing with an inflatable Earth globe.

Use red/blue 3D glasses to experience the full 3D experience of this clip.

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  1. yeah when you cross your eyes the two dots should meet and become one. the two images are from two cameras that are in slightly different positions, and when you have one eye on each image it gives you depth perception you wouldn't have by just looking at one of the images. it's not like it's the same image right next to each other. they are in slightly different positions for depth perception

  2. Using anaglyph glasses works fine although it makes him look a little yellow. By the way, I would have thought an astronaut would know the earth spins in the other direction!

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