Filastrocche dallo spazio: Samantha legge “Il pianeta di cioccolato”


Fra i libri che l’astronauta Samantha Cristoforetti ha portato a bordo della Stazione Spaziale Internazionale c’è anche “I Viaggi di Giovannino Perdigiorno” di Gianni Rodari.

Sono tante le filastrocche di questa raccolta e Samantha ha deciso di leggerne alcune iniziando questa serie di letture spaziali da “Il pianeta di cioccolato”. Buon ascolto… dallo spazio!

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  1. I wrote a translation, so that those who are not Italian native speakers will be able to appreciate this little lovely nursery rhyme. (I did my best, sorry in advance for any mistake) Unfortunately, much of its beauty was "lost in translation". 😉

    Giovannino Perdigiorno (i.e. Lazybones) was travelling fast,
    when, unexpectedly, he ended up on the Chocolate Planet.
    The streets were made of chocolate, and the houses and the cars,
    and the trees, leaf by leaf.
    On the contrary, the flowers…they were too!
    The mountains were made of chocolate:
    the mountaineers climbed them,
    but they could not get to the top,
    because they ate them!
    The school desks were made of chocolate,
    and it is clear that the children worked out marvellous meals.
    In a few words, in that rare place
    even bitter chocolate was sweet!
    After a month of tasting the best-quality bittersweet chocolate,
    Giovannino thought: “If I stay a little longer, I will become a chocolate!
    Maybe I will become an egg with a surprise inside…
    Gentlemen, I will leave now, no offence.”

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