ESA’s astronaut selection – the aftermath


Want to learn more about applications to ESA’s astronaut selection? Watch the replay of this media briefing to get an insight into the total number and spread of applications across all ESA Member and Associate Member states. Vacancies for the positions of astronaut and astronaut (with a physical disability) have closed on 18 June 2021, after a two-and-a-half-month-long application period.

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  1. Que fantástico ser astronauta!! Que incentivo para uma vida dupla incrível…deveras fascinante a exploração espacial!! Os elos que nos ligam ao Universo são tão fortes que é um desafio premente…Parabéns por esta aposta em novos astronautas …O futuro é logo ali!

  2. I have sent in my application 12 minutes before closing time… 😀
    The German Aviation Agency has still not processed my medical examination from march, so I couldn't get my Part-MED in time. on the day before the closing date I've read that an application with only the medical examination report is sufficient until the official Part-MED is issued. It was quite a hassle but I managed to get it in time. 🙂

  3. Will you select all the candidates based on their skills and personalities or will you select advantage some candidates based on their gender/ethnicity (positive discrimination) ?

  4. I hope making rockets gets easier soon. If we can master new launch technologies and such, I imagine we'll have many more craft to put astronauts on. Fuel is just too expensive right now, but we've come a long way since the 60s. Mercury-Redstone is a distant memory, and Ariane 5 gets better every year. If we can really drive the price down I imagine space exploration will explode.

  5. Fantastic numbers, space is attracting more and more people. About the selection process, I thought phase one was "cognitive, technical, motor coordination and personality testing" as stated on your website but Antonella said it will be psychological, practical and psychometric tests, which is phase 2. Does anyone know if this has changed?

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