ESA Euronews: Is there life on the Red Planet?


The ExoMars spacecraft has blasted off from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan to search for signs of life on the Red Planet.

It’s a mission that presents incredible scientific and engineering challenges – as it looks to unravel some of the mysteries of our Solar System.

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  1. I worked at JPL 1974-1986. That included Project Viking. Our two Mars Landers checked for, among other things, organic chemistry. None were found. I stand by our findings from 40 years. No life on Mars.

  2. Kind of sad that the best, or most used anyway, word for the line of travel to another planet is "road", a cleared and paved path made for cars. Planes have flight paths, but driving along the space highway is for explorers. I guess. The road less traveled.

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