Decebalus & The Dacian Wars


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Deep within the wild and mysterious Carpathian Mountains of modern day Romania, nestled upon a series of hillsides, lie the ruins of an ancient metropolis that reached its heyday nearly two thousand years ago. It’s name was Sarmisegetuza, and it’s from this great mountain stronghold that Decebalus, the last king of the Dacia, masterminded his wars against the Romans…

Kevin MacLeod – Dark Pad
Adrian Von Ziegler – Wolf Blood
Kevin MacLeod – Devastation and Revenge
BrunuhVille – Dance With Dragons
Adrian Von Ziegler – Legend

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    Hi guys! Thanks for stopping by. If you like what you see then don't forget to hit that subscribe button… More than 50 new videos coming this year on a huge variety of different subjects. Ancient History, Vikings, Romans, Aztecs, Scythians & More…It's History Time.

  2. After conquering Dacia, Trajan brought back Decebal's treasury – 330 tons of Silver and 160 tons of gold, with which he rebuilt Rome, the capital and built the Column of Trajan.

  3. 120 years after the Roman conquest of Dacia, the Roman Empire had elected a full blooded Dacian to be their new Roman Emperor. His name was Galerius. Galerius disliked the Romans so much that he wanted to change the empires name from " roman empire" to "Dacian Empire". Also Constantine the Great the founder of Byzantine Empire was full Dacian blooded and he moved the official Roman capital from Rome to Constantinople. As you can see we didnt disappear but instead we conquered Rome from the inside with politics.

    Dacians started calling themselfs Romanians meaning citizens of Rome and as you can see we have a right to be called Romanians.

    Vlach was a nickname given by the slavs to romanians because when slavs migrated through Romania the Romanians would viciously attack them. The Romanian warriors would wear wolve skins with the wolves skull on top of their head. to the Slavs the Romanians reminded them of their Pagan god Volochs which was the God of Death that appeared as a wolf.

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