Critical Cargo on the Next Space Station Resupply Mission on This Week @NASA – December 5, 2020


Critical cargo on the next space station resupply mission, NASA is at a virtual Earth and space science meeting, and a key piece of hardware installed on the Orion spacecraft … a few of the stories to tell you about – This Week at NASA!

Download Link:,%202020

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  1. PLEASE do not put text in the videos or at least, if you must for some reason do that, do it in a way that doesn't block so much of the video. If these videos are primarily intended to be YouTube content, you do know that there's a CC (closed caption) enable button, right?

  2. Now that the truth is coming out about aliens being in contact with Israel and the U.S. you guys should start showing us the truth about extraterrestrial life. That way your reputation isn't as tarnished with the general public.

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