Battle of Spercheios, 997 ⚔️ How to wage war on two fronts ⚔️ Basil II, the Bulgar Slayer (Part 3)


🚩 Basil had successfully stabilized the empire after the civil war, exacerbated by the conflict with the Fatimids in Syria. Samuel of Bulgaria took advantage of the situation to invade the Byzantine Empire in the west. Meanwhile, the Fatimids were preparing to push Romans out of Syria. Emperor Basil now faced a fight on two fronts against two formidable opponents. In this episode we will show the Battle of Spercheios (997 AD) and the Battle of Apamea (998 AD), as Basil tries to organize his army to stave off multiple incursions into Byzantine territory.

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📢 Narrated by David McCallion

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  1. Hey guys! No Live premiere today. My father had a life-threatening medical emergency and the past week has been a sleepless and stressful time. But I promise to give you guys a Live Premiere next weekend. I hope you will enjoy Basil Part 3.

  2. It fascinates me that a general could be so stupid in not having a group of bodyguards during a battle and how fast the retreating army was able to find out the emeny general is dead and then do a 180 and win.

  3. Idk if it's possible but I think it would be cool if you also added a brief view of the armor and weapons used by the respected nation at the talked about time period and battle

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