Battle of Solferino, 1859 ⚔️ Napoleon III and the Fate of Italy ⚔️ DOCUMENTARY


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🚩 By 1859 the decades-long struggle to free Italy from being dominated by the mighty Austrian Empire seemed far from success. But a new secret alliance between two nations – the Kingdom of Piedmont-Sardinia and the Second French Empire – gave renewed hope to the effort.
These three powers are about to embark on a monumental campaign that will culminate in one of the bloodiest battles of its time. At stake is the fate of Italy.

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📢 Narrated by David McCallion

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🚩 Citations:
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Arrival of Gen. Tyler with the Connecticut troops …

Giuseppe Garibaldi

Wounded soldiers returning to Paris from Italy

Prinz Alexander von Hessen

Surrender of Napoleon III

Ouverture du parlement sarde a Turin, 2 avril

Solferino, November, 1859

Siege of Sevastopol from the new 32 pounder battery above the left attack Piquet

Guerre de l’Indépendance Italienne. Bataille de Montebello

Franz Joseph I. Kaiser von Oesterreich

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