Battle of Pressburg, 907 AD ⚔️ Hungarian Invasion of Europe


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📢 Narrated by David McCallion

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  1. Once again, TOP NOTCH vid !! Id like to comment on your attenion to detail…….. crickets & rooster in the background are always a nice touch, but the butcher knife to the face on the banner was the best !! HM still my fav & thank you sir !!

  2. When Cannae meets carrhae ….. Never heard of this battle ,but its a true masterpiece.

    Good job hungarians, if this arpad was arround in 1241 , subutai would've had a hard time ……

  3. I don´t know the sources you based your video upon, but basic common sense makes it seem highly unlikely that events unfolded that way. The first part is possible due to the final attack being a full surround melee. The second part however is obviously based on the winning sides propaganda. First of all the number of arrows a single horsearcher can carry with them is limited! Not only by weight and storrage cappacity, but by production in the first place. Those things had to be hand crafted and didn´t come out of a munitionsplant. Secondly casualties due to missle fire in historical battles were usually pretty minor and it seems highly unlikely (with the exception of the first few opening salvoes) that this battle would have been any different from that.
    But third and most important of all, how should an army entrenched behind palisades be, not only massively decimated but even wiped out just by arrows? Soldiers sleeping in their tents in the middle of the camp … sure, but once the attack began the defenders would have rushed towards the nearest wall, where they would be all but impervious to enemy arrows.

    Not to mention how unlikely actually fatal hits with indirectly fired arrows are, especially if they are shot randomly over a wall that obstructs vision of the target.

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