Battle of Orsha, 1514 ⚔️ Russian army bested by the stubborn Hussars ⚔️ DOCUMENTARY


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🚩 The Battle of Orsha was one of the biggest battles in 16th century Europe. It was the culmination of a conflict between the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and the Grand Duchy of Moscow

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📢 Narrated by David McCallion

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  1. i guess today we can say all that fight was for nothing cause today russia holds smolensk, not poland, thats like all polish wars, nothing gained only glory for the history books

  2. Good video overall although there are small mistakes. One is the misleading thumbnail which depicts hussars with equipment more typical for the later period rather than the early XVI century.

    16:39 At the same time on the right, the Polish infantry, equipped with guns and pikes, arrived — Yeah, that is incorrect. Although gunners were certainly present the majority of Polish infantry at the time were still crossbowmen. Although this is not the biggest mistake. The bigger one regards the use of pikes which similarly to halberds almost never saw any use by Polish infantrymen till the XVII century. In the typical Polish infantry formation of the time majority of soldiers were either crossbowmen and gunners covered by pavisemen and "foot lancers" armed with spears, ahlspiesses, and similar pole weapons.

  3. Your version of events bares little or no resemblense with actual history. It was not the crushing defeat, by any means ! You took polish version of events!!! Poland lost Smolensk and had not managed to recapture it! Poland achieved almost nothing, that is the fact. How it would be possible, if it actually would be "crushing defeat"?! As for casualties … information is made up out of thin air, or from polish dreams

  4. And the other problem is that Mongol, whether Russian Mongol or from the Golden Horde, will just grab more subjects to serve as cannon fodder in their wars of agression. Same today as in 1514.

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