Battle of Narva, 1700 ⚔️ How did Sweden break the Russian army? ⚔️ Great Nothern War


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🚩 Charles XII was one of the greatest military leaders in European history. He defeated Denmark, Poland, Saxony and Russia in a series of brilliant campaigns. A skilled tactician, he had a good eye for choosing a battleground and insisted on personal leadership in battle. His strategic talent, however, was much criticized, especially his decision to wage a long war in Poland and his Russian campaign in 1707-1709.

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📢 Narrated by David McCallion

📝 Written by Jonathan Woody

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📚 Sources:
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  1. Note Poles were not invading, they were reclaiming land that Sweden captured from Poland over last few decades.
    Why when Russians were reclaiming land author says so, but not the Poles?
    I.e. they were liberating. 9:03

  2. What a great battle ! The leadership of Charles XII at the bare age of 18/19 was decisive in that battle from what I can see from the video , and his decisions were all , of very high quality , beginning with the first one : to attack in the winter season when nobody ever attacked …as far as I know .

  3. Cavarry fled in panic and drowned in the river. Infantry fled in panic and collapsed a bridge, drowned in the river. Huge firepower advantage but too inept to use it. Typical Russian Thursday.

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