Battle of Maritsa, 1371 ⚔️ Death of the Serbian Empire ⚔️ Ottoman Expansion into Europe


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🚩 Battle of Maritsa (1371) proved to be the final nail in the coffin of the Serbian Empire, built by the Nemanjic dynasty. In many ways, the Ottoman victory at Maritsa was far more important than the one at Kosovo (1389) and Nicopolis (1396), for it firmly consolidated the Sultanate’s position in Europe and acted as a springboard for future conquest.

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📢 Narrated by David McCallion

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  1. True and accurate translation of very famous Turkish poem about this battle.
    "We were joyful like children at the raids with thousand horsemen/That day we defeated a huge army as thousand horsemen"
    "White helmeted beylerbeyi(governor-general) cried out:Forward/ In a summer day as groups Danube was crossed"
    "We were thrown into battlefield from seven arms like lightning /Through the road passed by Turkish horses like lightning"
    "One day, our horses are full of bridle again/We took wings with that speed to the seventh heaven"
    "We see the roses blooming in heaven today / Still come alive in our eyes that crimson memory"
    "We were joyful like children at the raids with thousand horsemen/That day we defeated a huge army as thousand horsemen"
    Late Ottoman poet Yahya Kemal translated by me

  2. ottoman empire, the most organized empire in history. with having little population comparing to all european nations, it conquered all of balkans and also big parts of central and eastern europe.

  3. OMG, just OMG, and one more time, OMG such a stupidity and ignorance by Serbians! I guess Serbia deserve it. Nowadays they support Russia when fellow Ukrainians need them more and will be more loyal than any Russian leadership.. But, such is Serbian stupidity, I guess it is in blood..

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