Battle of Hastings, 1066 AD ⚔️ Norman Conquest


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🚩 The Battle of Hastings was extremely important for the history of England. Duke William’s invasion was one of the most daring gambles in history and it ended the rule of the Anglo-Saxons that had lasted for over 600 years since the Roman times. The story of what happened was recorded in the Bayeux Tapestry.

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📢 Narrated by David McCallion

📝 Researched and written by: Joshua Potts

🎼 Music:

📝 Sources:
Hastings 1066 – The Fall of Saxon England – by Christopher Gravett

1066: The Battle of Hastings: 2017 Medieval Warfare Special Edition – by Kelly DeVries

Battleground 1066 – The Battles of York, Stamford Bridge & Hastings – by Peter Marren

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  1. People idolize Hardrada for being the last Viking and William for obvious reasons, but Harold gets left out in the cold despite force marching north to annihilate the Viking army at Stamford and force marching back south to almost beat William at Hastings, an impressive feat in itself. If he had won Hastings it would have been a truly incredible military achievement.

  2. Harold Godwinson to Harald Hardrada : I am faster than lightning!
    Is crossing the bridge at Stanford Bridge

    Harald Hardrada at Stanford Brige : Wait what?! This isn't possible…London to York in 5 days?!
    Got defeated and killed

    William the Bastard to Harold Godwinson : Not as fast as your short lived kingdom

  3. Not sure about the thumbnail map. Deploying in a convex formation hands an advantage to the enemy by allowing them to bring more men to bear. Whereas a concave shape would reduce and disorder the number of front line attackers.

  4. I recommend reading 1066: The year of 3 battles by Frank McLynn.
    You didn't mention that, I can't remember exactly, the Harold's brother Gyrth but maybe Leofwine was killed as well so a lot of leadership was missing at the end of the battle

  5. The part about the Scandinavian invasion of France led by Rollo is not correct at all.
    Rollo was beaten numerous times, at the Siege of Paris (defended by Eudes of Paris) in 885-887, beaten by the Breton king Alain le Grand, beaten at the Siege of Paris in 911 and finally DECISIVELY beaten by Robert the first, king if the Franks, at the Siege of Chartres in 911.
    Robert the first was never "forced" to let Rollo take a part of Normandy. Robert and Charles the Simple, who were in position of force, made Rollo sign the treaty of Saint-Clair-sur-Epte : he was allowed to settle in a part of Normandy, and in exchange, had to baptize himself and engaged himself to stop any Viking invasion coming from the North.

    Nonetheless, the making of this video is excellent and highly enjoyable.

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