Battle of Dara, 530 AD (Part 1/2) ⚔️ Rise of Belisarius


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Battle of Dara, Part 1 –
Battle of Dara, Part 2 –

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📢 Narrated by David McCallion

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📝 Sources
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  1. Every time you said Iberia, I got so confused, because this is quite obviously not Spain.
    I did not realise it was also the name of an ancient kingdom in Georgia.
    I learnt something new!

  2. 10:13

    Then let him have that claim on the throne given Khosrow adopts Christian, Greek-Roman culture, and marries a female relative of the Emperor. Khosrow could be assigned to marry the grand-niece of the Emperor, Praejecta, who is eight years younger than Khosrow and would have been seven years old when the Emperor had died. Khosrow will be uncontested as ruler of Byzantium given he stayed true to his marriage with Praejecta. There would certainly be a bitter war within the Sassanian Empire, but with Roman support, it is highly likely for Khosrow (the Emperor) to succeed and become ruler over both Empires. The union of the two would make the expansion of Islam highly unlikely.

    However, it is unlikely the Romans would have expanded eastward back into Italy and Spain. Northern Africa could stil be acquired given the state of the Vandal Kingdom. However, the Visigothic and Ostrogothic Kingdoms would remained untouched.

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