Battle of Ain Jalut, 1260 ⚔️ The Battle that saved Islam and stopped the Mongols – معركة عين جالوت


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David McCallion

World Music Official – Full moon night
World Music Official – The Abandoned City
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David W. Tschanz – The Mongols meet their Match: The Battle of Ain Jalut
Rene Grousset – The Empire of the Steppes
Ala al-Din Juvaini – The History of the World Conqueror
David Morgan – The Mongols
David Nicolle – Mamluk Askari 1250-1517
Rashīd al-Dīn and the making of history in Mongol Iran – by Stefan Kamola
Linda Komaroff – Beyond the Legacy of Genghis Khan
Reuven Amitai, Stephan Conermann – The Mamluk Sultanate from the Perspective of Regional and World History
Reuven Amitai Preiss – Mongols and Mamluks, The Mamluk-Īlkhānid War, 1260-1281
David Nicolle – Mamluks, 1250 – 1517AD
John Masson Smith, Jr. – Ayn Jalut, Mamluk Success or Mongol Failure?
Chris Peers – Genghis Khan and the Mongol War Machine

Guerrier Mongol, 1380 by Samuel Perez (Pegaso, 54mm)
Mamluk Officer, 1805 by Art-Girona
Mameluk, 1805 by Metal Modeles

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  1. الغريب ان المغول اليوم مسلمون وخرج منهم ملوك دافعو عن الاسلام وقاتلو اعدائه

  2. HistoryMarche : The battle that will change the course of history……. is about to take a place

    Me : WOW. Interesting

    HistoryMarche : But big thank you to Raid big Shadow legends for sponsoring for this video !!!.

    Me: NANI ?!!

  3. Two mongol tumens and 6000 georgians against 160 thousand muslims. Helegu sent one of his generals and was not present at ain jalut. Later it was said that the 6000 georgians or were they armenians, who let down the mongols. The largest mongol army ever was 100 thousand strong under the command of orlok Subedai bahadur and Batu khan. Kutuz and baybars were enslaved by Subedai ; they were Kipchaks from transcaspia.

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