Battle of Actium (31 BC) – Final War of the Roman Republic DOCUMENTARY


Welcome to the newest edition of the Kings and Generals! In this video we are going to cover the Final war of the Roman Republic between general Mark Antony (Marcus Antonius) and queen of Egypt Cleopatra on one side and Gaius Octavian (Octavius) Caesar on the other. This war ended the republic and made Octavian the first emperor of Rome. The naval battle of Actium (31 BC) was central in this conflict – it was one of the largest naval engagements of the ancient times and probably one of the most decisive.

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Reddit user slimabob helped with the machinima and Rome 2 camera. Thanks!

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This video is narrated by our good friend Commissar Bro. He is a very talented voice actor, and we are really grateful to him and hope that you like his narration as much as we do. Check out his channel for great strategy Let’s Plays: and if you support us on Patreon, maybe, we will be able to start paying him. πŸ™‚

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Inspired by: BazBattles, Invicta (THFE), Epic History TV and Historia Civilis

Machinimas made on the Total War: Rome II Engine

Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound: and Rome 2 soundtrack

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  1. The fact that Cleopatra's 4th korps simply fled the battle altogether after crushing Octavius' center is crazy. Imagine what an entire group of bigger ships plus the ones remaining of Anthony's center group could have done. It's like the Roman cavalry at Zama, all of a sudden coming from behind and crushing Hannibal's infantry. Leaves you wondering, history could have been different today

  2. Great explanation of the Battle of Actium. One thing I think needs to be more precise is that after the Battle of Phillipi in 42 BC, Antony was seizing control of Gaul. However after the failed attempt to overthrow Octavius by Fulvia, his ex-wife, in Perusine War, Octavius managed to annex Gaul under his ruling.

  3. An excellent summary of the battle, and its background, which does occasionally mention that we no longer know the full facts. Good to see an interpretation which does not explain Antony's actions as though they they were not totally (possibly not at all) by his besotted love of Cleopatra.

  4. Nice job, well presented. I also learned one of the reasons Octavian ended up being victorious was that he could Time Travel! The last shot of him celebrating his Triumph with the Arch of Titus and the Colosseum in the background gave it away. Explanation? Aliens obviously, but was he a lizard or a gray?

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