ATV – Key asset for ESA’s Human Spaceflight Programme


Johannes Kepler is the first production unit of the ATV, automated transport vehicles, following on from the highly successful first flight model Jules Verne in 2008. After the retirement of the US Space Shuttle, it will become the largest vehicle supplying the ISS. With ATV Europe operates a key pillar in the ISS logistics and shows its expertise among the international partnership of the ISS. This story recalls the role of ATV for the ISS in the perspective of the ESA Human Spaceflight programme.

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  1. The only problem that I see needs to be addressed is down mass capability for cargo after Shuttle retirement (the Soyuz being the only other current way). ATV can bring stuff up, but not down. Has there been any thought of making an ATV with a heat shield to bring home experiment samples and things of that nature?

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