Ariane 6 launch complex – December 2020


Tour the Ariane 6 launch complex at Europe’s Spaceport in Kourou, French Guiana.

The 8200 tonne 90 metre-high mobile gantry has platforms to enable engineers to access the vehicle for integration of the stages. This steel structure protects Ariane 6 before launch and is rolled back prior to liftoff.

At the entrance of the gantry are two mockup Ariane 6 P120C rocket boosters. These are representative of the real boosters, having the same size and mass but filled with water instead of solid propellant and used in mechanical tests.

The hydrogen and oxygen storage facilities are close by. Underground, engineers are preparing the launch support systems.

A pumping station at the reservoir will supply the water to quell the exhaust at liftoff.

Credits: CNES/ESA

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  1. Why is ESA not developing a serious reusable rocket? At the end of this decade the only thing left of Europe's launch capabilities will be old as dinosaurus.

    Change course asap. 🙂

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