Apollo 13: Home Safe


“Houston, we’ve had a problem.” Apollo 13 has become known as “a successful failure” that saw a safe return of the crew in spite of a catastrophic explosion in the middle of their lunar journey. This 30-minute documentary features interviews with Apollo 13 Astronauts Jim Lovell and Fred Haise, as well as Flight Directors Gene Kranz and Glynn Lunney, with engineer Hank Rotter. Parts of their interviews take place in the restored Apollo mission control room. This documentary also features original NASA footage and newly synchronized audio from Mission Control.

Thanks to Stephen Slater and Ben Feist/Apollo in Real-Time (apolloinrealtime.org/13) for providing additional footage and audio.

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  1. that happened 50 years ago…….
    they thinked in 2020 we will have flying cars, teleporters, supersonic cars, planes, ships and trains, mars spaceclights, manned venus flybyes,small cityes on moon, large space shuttles for moon missions
    and time machine prototypes
    but what really happened in 2020?
    only ISS flights
    shuttles program ended in 2011
    usa not launching humans for 10 years
    no flying cars, no manned lunar missions, no supersonic trains and no passenger supersonic planes…………

  2. I LOVE THIS!!! Thank you so much for making this I’ve watched the Apollo 13 movie over 5 times and now I get to see a documentary about this that’s actually from NASA as a pose to from the discovery channel!

  3. The funding for the Apollo program was dropping ever since Apollo 11 mission. But nonetheless it was 4% of the Federal budget. Whereas now it is only 0.04% of that budget. Think of that.

  4. They always present the cryo tank stir and explosion like he hit the switch and it detonated a bomb, but really there was a 1 minute overpressure and fire event between the switch flip and the explosion, if im not mistaken.

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