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Hello People on utube:

The video presentation I am about to review is 100% speculation. I am have always been fascinated with the idea of an anti gravity vehicle, however, to understand how one would work was always out of reach. But today I may have one answer to this question.

As relating to a gasoline engine the fuel source for a car is cruel oil which has been refined through the distillation process. As relating to an anti gravity vehicle the fuel source is Ununpentium, atomic number 115 on the periodic table which is bombarded with protons inside an anti gravity reactor and when the Ununpentium starts to decay it releases an anti gravity matter. The anti gravity matter then is transferred to the Thermal Electric Generator which provides the vehicle with the forward motion in any direction the pilot desires. The forward motion can reach up to the speed of light but can not surpass it.

Once again, this is 100% speculation because one can not purchase an anti gravity reactor or obtain Ununpentium because it is like uranium which is radioactive. Also, I have no idea how the Thermal Electric Generator uses the decayed anti gravity matter. What I can describe is Ununpentium and it the temporary name of a synthetic super heavy element in the periodic table, Atomic number 115. First observed in 2003 and about 50 atoms of Unumpentium have been synthesized to date with about 25 direct decays of the parent element having been detected.

What provided my understanding of an anti gravity vehicle was the utube video on the Project: Aquarius which looks at P45 Sport Model which was 52 feet in diameter and 16 feet high with a smooth polished aluminum surface. Inside the P45, there was three levels, bottom level contained three anti gravity reactors, next level was the control center and the top level was referred to as the Navigation level and where the Thermal Electric Generator was. I hope one found this video interesting! Thank You!

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