2014 NASA Budget Briefed on This Week @ NASA


Administrator Charles Bolden, Deputy Administrator Lori Garver, Chief Financial Officer Beth Robinson and Associate Administrator Robert Lightfoot unveiled the President’s Fiscal Year 2014 budget request for NASA during a town hall-style all-hands briefing at Headquarters. The proposal would leverage the agency’s capabilities to make significant-yet-affordable advances for the nation while meeting the space goals set by the Obama Administration. One presidential goal, to send humans to an asteroid by 2025, is targeted by what would be the first-ever mission to identify, capture, and relocate an asteroid to a stable Earth-moon orbit. There, it could be explored by astronauts using the Orion spacecraft and the Space Launch System. Also, ANTARES AWAITS, CURIOSITY ROVER UPDATE, XOMBIE FLIES HIGH, FROZEN WINGS, EARTH MONTH TREE PLANTING, @NASA GETS SHORTY and more!

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  1. …..I hope enough of us will send our negative opinions of the fiasco-to-be asteroid nonsense project to our people in congress so that the funds aren't wasted and used for something else more responsible… let nasa's prime directive be to work on making humanity a multiplanet, et al species…there's nothing stopping the privateers from raising the investment to cut metal for their long time asteroid mining proposals..

  2. You can have several people step on the surface at the same time very easily. You lay a long plastic mat on the ground at the base of the ladder/hatch and line the hole crew up on it. Then on the count of three they all step off. That way all the crew a credited with being the first to set foot on Mars.

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