2013 Astronaut Class on This Week @NASA


During a Google+ Hangout NASA announced its newest class of astronaut trainees. The eight candidates selected to the 2013 astronaut class were chosen from a pool of 63-hundred applications — the second largest NASA has ever received. In August, the group will begin a wide array of technical training at Johnson Space Center, other NASA centers and space agencies around the world.

Also, Science Day on The Hill, Technology Day, Dry Ice Movement on Mars, Sample Return Robot Challenge, Engineering Leaders Graduate, I’m an Engineer! and more!

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  1. Hadfield was a military person. it is possible to be in the military and be a scientist. I think being in the military is an advantage because the person has probably already been hardened mentally and physically so less time is spent on that.

  2. I'm sure a lot of people with military backgrounds also have training in science but he does kind of suck that you are at a disadvantage in being chosen if you weren't in the military.

  3. Dear NASA,I know that you are wanting to 'rope' in an asteroid.Really I think the money would be better spent on simply putting a video cam on one.Pick one that is going in and out of our solar system let it film and store the info.Then when it comes back in our solar system download the info and see where it went.

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