15 Objects In Space That We Can’t Explain


From galaxies that are 13 billion years old to the changing color of Jupiter’s great spot, we take a look at 15 Objects in Space That We Can’t Explain!
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  1. 10:52 "casually disconnected" – I'm sure he meant "causally disconnected".

    Here's a short laymen's explanation for the uninitiated:
    At 10:50 when he says every point in the early universe is approx. the same temperature he's referring to the cosmic microwave background radiation (google image search: CMB Map). For the CMB data to show that it's all very close in temperature NOW, it must have been so uniform prior to the big bang – it's theorized that small quantum fluctuations expanded outwards during the expansion to give you the variances that you see in the CMB map image. Back to the big bang, since all this stuff is in one spot (I say this loosely), it's causally linked – everything that exists in this complex situation has a relationship to everything else that exists, even if very subtle. So, then the big bang happens and all of the stuff flies away from other stuff so fast that it causes the things that were essentially right beside each other to be so far apart that they could never communicate with each other, becoming causally disconnected. The CMB data shows that the microwaves that have been moving outwards since the big bang have not been influenced by anything else because, moving at light speed, nothing has been able to catch up with them, nor have they encountered anything in front of them – there's a lot of nothing out there. Among other implications, this causality disconnection implies that the universe expanded more in 10^-43 seconds than it has in the 14 Billion years since then. Scientists have been digging down this rabbit hole for almost a century now… have fun.

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